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Kevin – The Wedding Man!

I have been in the wedding trade for more years than I may want to mention but its more than *cough* 30! Yikes where did that time go?

In that time, I have seen trends and fashions come, go and come back again! Yes, I’m that old!

I started my wedding journey as a baker and confectioner and ran a successful wedding cake business and the more I was involved in weddings the more they drew me in and I was soon asked to help out doing on the day management for one of my “wedding cake” clients and my career as a wedding planner was born!

I began planning weddings and I worked freelance before taking a role in a country hotel where my main experiences were cemented.

Moving to Norfolk from the Midlands seven years ago I recreated my cake business but soon realised my heart still lay in wedding planning so four years ago I went and got myself a job as a wedding and events manager for a fab venue where I still work today. We do on average 40 weddings between April and October and I still love it!

After all these years and after planning well over 250 weddings I think I know a thing or two about this industry and believe me I could write a book on what I have seen!

So, the book went on hold and I started The Wedding Whitelist and the reason I started this website was seeing the frustration and bewilderment of our couples as they asked me time and time again

“Where do we start?” or the other main question “Well, who do you recommend?”

I thought there was a gap in the wedding industry of a website that couples could go to, search local suppliers, read through reviews all in one place. Then with that knowledge they could go off and book their wedding dream team knowing that they have been recommended by other couples.

There you have it the story of my life and how “The Wedding Whitelist” was born!

Pete – The Design Man!

My background has always been a creative and arty one and for many years I ran a successful and busy interior design studio.

My creative talents were in full flow on a daily basis and I could be managing projects from designing handmade bespoke furniture & kitchens to making over a client’s homes to re-designing hair salons, I did it all! But I loved what I did and certainly had a keen eye for detail and design.

As the years went by, I started doing print design work for businesses for examples point of sale, leaflets and business cards and this led me using my graphic design skills into the world of “online design”

I was soon designing web sites for these clients, but not just your normal templated websites I wanted them to work just as well but mainly I wanted them to look right!

Known to my frustrated colleagues as a perfectionist I often wouldn’t rest until the design was perfect even though everyone around me were happy with version 1, I wasn’t happy until version 89!

Leading to the opening of my design studio FDC I continued creating websites for clients in Norfolk and now I tend to do very little web design work but more consultancy-based projects mainly revolving around the tourism industry in this fine county of Norfolk we call home.

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